What’s On My Mind – Community

This session was led by Chris Chinnock, Nurture Development, started off by asking attendees what had struck them about what they had heard throughout the day so far? Some of things said included:

  • finding out how best to engage with residents
  • create partnership with people that will be beneficial to the community
  • community gr0ups can help solve issues in the town
  • allowing community groups to take ownership by helping to fund them
  • how to engage with community groups and help bring new ideas
  • helping young people with social issues to help with the future
  • using branding so people associate the council with positive changes for the town
  • cult of the individual
  • mixing young people with the older generation

Chris noted that often organisations have the best intentions of helping communities however were often imposing things on them that were not beneficial in the long run. He asked are we robbing the people of communities to do the work themselves by being too involved? He explained that sometimes we overcomplicate community engagement, when in reality it begins with a conversation.

What councils and other service providers should be asking communities is how we can help them. Change happens when people come to together over what is important for them. You should start with what’s already working well.

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