What’s On My Mind – Vision

With Town Councillor Peter Macfadyen

What is ‘vision’ for you?

  • Ambition
  • Resources
  • Will to deliver
  • No sense if you have a strategy without ambition
  • Think about goals and achievements when approaching a new topic or issue
  • Timelines are essential for putting visions in place
  • Taking the initiative on projects
  • Vision statement requires a feasibility study

How to make vision a reality?

  • What is the mandate to spend money on delivering visions?
  • Who should be creating the vision?
  • Encouraging councillors to think about new ideas
  • The Town/Parish should be a catalyst for action
  • Can negative energy be tapped for a greater cause and rally residents and councillors to act
    • Example: Creating a public park, transforming a plot of land into something that benefits the town
  • If there is limited public opinion on a topic, projects must be put forward by those that have voiced their opinions and contributed
  • Propositions must be taken to the public, don’t expect the people to come to you
  • Putting visions in place can lead to a variety of outcomes

How to handle a lack of ambition from councils? What do you do when the public calls for things that the Parish Council believes to be fundamentally wrong?

  • If councillors won’t lead, the council has the responsibility to mitigate
  • The right things need to come together at the right time to make a noticeable change. Is this always true?
  • Community lead projects overtaking council lead projects. If something should be done it’s taken to the community to push forward
    • Example: Some councils suffer from a lack of motivation and drive to get things done and achieve visions
  • Awareness coming in alongside interests
    • Example: Elections introduced at a parish council level
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